1994 Fall Softball Season

Fall Season Summary

This was the biggest, and most organized season so far. There were 8 teams this year with around 100 people on the playing rosters. Stats were taken for every individual and a complete summary was put on-line. There was no video this year, but a team member locator was installed that allowed users to track down different players.

The season was dominated by the NP Complete Idiots - last season's runner up. But they were defeated in a dramatic playoff game by the defending champions the EECS Bombers. Gene Marsh's team, Core Dump, had some company in the cellar this season with the Soda Viruses and Team BSAC. And The Optimistic Nihilists again refused to show up for the playoffs.

The final regular season standings are as follows:

      Team Name                      Wins    Losses  Ties

      NP Complete Idiots              8        0       0
      EECS Bombers                    5        2       1
      We Bite                         5        2       1
      The Young and the Restless      4        4       0
      The Optimistic Nihilists        3        5       0
      Soda Viruses                    2        6       0
      Team BSAC                       2        6       0
      Core Dump                       2        6       0

The playoff standing are as follows:

     Rank     Team Name                 

       1      EECS Bombers              
       2      NP Complete Idiots        

       4      We Bite                   
       4      The Optimistic Nihilists  

       8      The Young and the Restless
       8      Soda Viruses              
       8      Team BSAC                
       8      Core Dump                

Fall 1994 Softball Season

Various stuff that you probably won't find very interesting.

 * Softball Schedule and Scores
 * Softball Statistics
 * Team Pictures

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